What’s Wrong With Porn? Part Two.

2.       Women Get Paid More for Anal

It is common knowledge to people who know a good amount about pornography that there is a pay scale. It usually goes something like this: gay men make A LOT of money. Lesbians make a lot of money. Straight girls make a lot of money if they’ll take it in the ass. Straight girls with off-limit sphincters also make good money. Straight men make money. Kind of.

Some of you are probably like so what. I’ll elaborate. The differences between categories can be in the hundreds of dollars an hour. Men making gay pornography can make something like 300 dollars an hour; their pussy-pounding counterparts make more like 50. Being a straight female bumps it up to 150.

Women, far more than men, are prone to a thing called rectal prolapse. Less classy circles would refer to this or its vaginal counterpart as a tube sock. I will not put up or link to a picture here because it’s all very terrifying to look at, especially  when there’s a rare case of simultaneous rectal/vaginal prolapse, so if you have an iron stomach and like looking at gross shit, go ahead and google it. For those who aren’t so brave, or those who like forewarning, it’s basically when there is severe swelling or muscle weakness and your organ in question falls out. No, for those with overactive imaginations, it’s not like you’re walking down the street in a cute skirt and BANGSLAPSQUISH your entire uterus is on the ground like you’ve effortlessly given birth (maybe this seems like a dumb clarification, but when I first heard about this when I was around 13, I honestly thought it went something like that).

It simply just sits outside of you. It negatively affects sitting, comfort, bathroom usage, sex, and general health.

About fifty percent of the women reading this blog, assuming they aren’t doing things like kegel exercises and the like, will experience some form of a prolapse no matter what their sex life consists of by the time they’re seventy. As if you didn’t love womanhood enough. (As if your belief in intelligent design wasn’t shaky enough).

Anal sex will bump your chances by a lot. The bigger what you’re taking is, the less lube you’re using, the more frequently it’s happening, and the less you’re doing for muscle strength, the more your chances go up. Oh, and just about any pain from anal sex can be a symptom of your likelihood for prolapse. This applies to both genders.

So now we take one of these women from before, who has been made to feel that sex is about making it pleasurable for him.  She must fake her way through pain. Now she’s entering the porn world herself (note that I do not believe all women made to feel like constant mere pleasure givers go into porn, but it happens). Her sexuality has a high price tag on it. She could do some straight sex for a few hours and be making like 200 dollars an hour. OR, she could have anal sex and make 250, maybe even 300.

She could either make in a day what some make in two weeks, or she could make in a day what some make in three.

She could work through boredom and meh sex for two week’s pay, or she could work through pain and discomfort for three. Now, let’s throw into the mix that most people don’t know how frequent prolapses are.

So let’s think of the effects beyond what happen with this single porn girl. Imagine that a male, certainly not the only male, watches her take it in the ass. She effectively played hot for it, said all the right dirty things, and now he’s hot for it in real life. (This is some of why I believe that porn is not merely an untouchable fantasy, or could ever be.)

He goes to his girlfriend. He begs, he pleads, he desires. Being like most women of my generation, she buckles, she consents. She wants it to feel good, for him. It doesn’t. She lies.

Or, in a case that actually happened to me, she tells the truth. This feels good, until it doesn’t feel good, then it feels REALLY not good. Then, if he’s kind of a stubborn jerk, he begins to tell the lies he’s heard, something to the effect of “well it hurts until you get stretched out and you’re used to it.” Or “well its good pain right?”

Neither of these are necessarily true. Pain is pain. We feel pain in most cases because it’s a sign of something wrong.

Now, it’s not that I believe people who work in porn shouldn’t be paid, or shouldn’t be paid high wages. No matter how you view it, it’s high risk work. Even when people have sex safely and correctly in the comfort of their own homes there are risks of disease, pregnancy, or unknown physical damage. Now throw in the aesthetic non-pleasure of condoms, people pushing their sexual limits*, and multiple partners, and the risks go up. However, I think employers in this industry need to think about their employees more.

It’s like let’s say you have a high manual labor job. Let’s say the attitude is the more you work, the more you can do, the more you get paid; which is obviously the case most of the time. If you’re lazy, if you can’t lift, you don’t belong. On the other hand, what I can lift and what a large man who weight lifts regularly can lift are two different things. If I was expected to do what he does, it could literally break me. Jobs like that are required to teach the proper ways to lift and how to know your limits.

I think porn employers should do the same thing.

*I think in a world where people do pornography because it turns them on, or because they like it, weird porn and people pushing their limits will still happen. Some of the most honest porn I’ve ever seen, where I could tell the actors were genuinely enjoying themselves, was done on kink.com, which not only has a reputation of respecting people’s limits and shutting down shoots for overwhelmed stars, but it’s a reputation I wholly believe. Let’s be fair here, people who are turned on by being filmed and being watched are generally going to find that at the tip of their kinky arousal pyramid.

Hey folks! So since I’m a few entries in and am feeling like I’m going to be able to keep up, I’m going to start actually promoting this a bit and seeking reader involvement. Currently, I have a Twitter and a Formspring. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll get notification of my blog updates but also (judging by my current habits) a whole lot of me being a goofball for people’s short attention spanned entertainment. Formspring, on the other hand, is more about you guys giving me questions as blogging fuel. As the week goes on I’ll share what else I have so you guys can stay connected. I don’t know is that how this blog promotion thing goes? Whatever.


~ by Stefani Vonne on 01/17/2011.

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