Solutions To Porn’s Problems Part One

1.       More Women in Pornography

Excuse me?

Aren’t there enough women in pornography?

Isn’t women being all in pornography the god damn point of pornography?

Are you just a raving lunatic with a keyboard?

While the answer to that last question may be a yes, when I say pornography needs more women, I do not mean necessarily in front of the camera.

While we do need female role models in front of the camera, and I fully intend to discuss the ones we have now in the future, we also need women in charge to keep the well-being of those women in mind at all times. We need females more in production. From picking the girls, to writing the scripts (hey, maybe they’ll suck less), to directing them, to distributing them.

This is sexist, and I’m sorry, but many of the problems in pornography relate to how man-made it is. I think it is less men as a whole and more what types of men generally get into the creation of pornography as we know it today.

These are the type of men who see Ron Jeremy as a God. Ron Jeremy? Are you fucking shitting me?

A long-time friend of mine’s brother used to say that he wanted to have sex with a girl doggy style while eating a piece of cake off her back. Why? “Because I saw Ron Jeremy do it!”

My general rule of thumb is what would Ron Jeremy do? I need to know so I can do the exact opposite.

Why is he liked? From what I can see, it’s because he is short, fat, unattractive, and yet women have sex with him anyway. Why? For one, he has a big cock; but mainly two, somebody has enough money to pay her.

It’s everything not feminist. Everything about it is women not in control of their sexuality; but also, it makes insecure men feel better about their self.

Look, it’s nothing against insecure men; but come on. Pornography needs ugly undesirable men but only the best of the women; preferably airheaded, with fake features? We care about the emotional ego stroking of men, but women should just bend to society’s sexual will?

Yeah, fuck that noise.


~ by Stefani Vonne on 01/24/2011.

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