San Francisco!

So I’ve been in San Francisco for three days now, and I’m staying for another day or so. This relates to this blog because I spent most of Saturday at the Center for Sex and Culture on Mission Street at their Nude Aid.

I’m going to be honest: I momentarily chickened out at the door of the place. I want the world to be a place where I can go off somewhere and check out naked folks for the fun of it, but I was suddenly in the mind frame of “man, can I practice what I preach?”

After a good five or ten minutes I finally went in, wandering up the tall creaky flight of stairs in. I bought my ticket, learned that it buys a figure drawing sketch done by one of the artists there, and looked to the left to find a naked woman suspended from the ceiling. It was at this point that I put together that this was going to be an interesting event.

I spent my entire time there both amazed by what I was experiencing and how cool it was (and how humorous it was, because artists are inherently strange folks); and yet irritated that nothing like this scene seemed to exist in my hometown. It made me realize that I started this blog because I was made to feel like no world like the one I want exists. I felt like, because of my real life surroundings, I had to create for myself a world where people embraced pornography, embraced their own sexuality, and didn’t feel so damn out of place for it all. Well, it turns out it does exist, I just had no clue where to look. People do blog about pornography, in an intellectual sense, not just a collection of dirty pictures. People do embrace their sexuality, and are comfortable with their bodies, it would just appear that so far they’re almost all from San Francisco, or living there currently.

It’s making me think about starting a community group where I live. Even though I think I may only be there until July, maybe I could get something going there. Maybe the world I’d love to live in could trickle out of the Bay Area.

Also, while I was there, they were silent auctioning off donated items. They were mostly art pieces or sex books, but a couple of them were porn DVDs. One of which was An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco. The swinger’s party in the movie was hosted at The Upper Floor, so I’d heard of the movie before. I’ve wanted to see it badly for a long, long time. So I put a bid on it, and it turned out I’d be the only person to put a bid on it. So I own my first legal porn! I’m very excited about this!

I’m going to put up a review sometime this week. Unless I’m still watching it by Friday, which is possible 😉 (I usually don’t like to blog smileys, but in this case it’s just necessary. Forgive me, writing teachers of colleges everywhere.) Something to look forward to, I’ve decided that one of my criteria for rating is orgasms had. I’m at six, and watching a second time.

Also, this is totally geeky of me, but I went and visited the Armory, because it was so close. I didn’t even go inside or anything because I’m pretty sure the building was closed (does the Armory even do civilian tours?) but I did stand outside for a good ten minutes and think of all the naughty things done inside it’s walls. Then I saw a guy peeing on a bus stop and thought, “hey didn’t the locals say Kink buying this venue would be trashing up it’s streets?”


~ by Stefani Vonne on 02/07/2011.

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