The “Merely Sexual”

I’ve had something on my mind the last few days and I’d love to see some discussion on it.

So every person is made of parts that go together. A part that desires food, a part that desires air, a part that desires companionship, a part that desires doing something major with their life, a part that desires entertainment, a part that desires sexual contact, amongst what I would think to be many others.

Basically, there are parts that are universal in all of us.

If we walk down the street, and we pass a café with an outdoor patio, and the only thing we experience of another person is them eating a fancy sandwich, we don’t consider them merely eaters. If somebody asked, we would acknowledge that there is more to that person. A life doesn’t cease at the intake of food. Even if we learned that they were a career eater, like a speed eater or something, we would still know there is more to that person than food. They have a family, they have hobbies. We eat too, everybody eats, why would a person’s development stop there?

Why does this stop when a person is seen sexually?

Everybody masturbates. Everybody has sex. Everybody experiences that. If you haven’t yet it’s more likely than not you will. It’s a natural, if not important, part of life. Yet, we all consider ourselves more than our sex life.

Yet if a sex tape leaks, yet if we see a stripper, yet if we see a porn star, society stops at “this is a sexual creature.”

S/he has no friends, no family, no hobbies, and no responsibilities. They are horny all the time, according to the masses of people.

I want to stress, I’m not just talking about porn stars. I’m talking about anybody whose sex life becomes public. I could stand in front of a room full of people completely naked, and I would be considered merely sexual. Nobody would consider my brain, my life, my goals.

Why is this?


~ by Stefani Vonne on 03/30/2011.

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