Links Out Sunday!

So I’m trying something a little different. I’ve decided that Sundays are my at-home work day, in which I am fully devoted to this blog. I hope it will allow me to update in a more regular fashion, but also bring some organization to the updates. Wish me luck in harnessing my focus!

I’m trying something here, bear with me. I’ve been collecting stories throughout the last few days that have interested me, be they news stories or personal blogs, and I’m going to direct y’all to them right here. I hope to stick with this weekly, so Links Out Sunday it is! Let’s begin!

Three on Virginity, Ideals and Regrets by Heather Corrina. It drives me nuts that people, at least in my country, give virginity so much power and credit. This concept of innocence of purity. As if the moment you have a penis in your vagina, or vice versa, you are no longer a child but a horrible heathen demon … unless you’re married, then it’s just adulthood. Reading Corrina talk about virginity in a manner more complex than society often makes it is pretty awesome. On the other hand, the article still sticks to a heterosexual point of view, so if that bothers you, don’t tread.

Folks, I was not a virgin before I had a penis inside me. Yet, the time that felt like my true first, didn’t happen until I was with the second guy. This was something I understood, but felt silly about; my ex girlfriend didn’t have a penis, and I was with the first guy for a year and a half.  The most recent man in my life introduced me to virginity as something chipped away at over time: they ranged from kissing virginity to hetero virginity to first orgasm from oral virginity to car sex virginity. When you did some sort of sex act with somebody first, then kudos to them, they have been honored with a little sliver of your decreasing innocence. It sort of gave me understanding to what energy I felt about my virginity before; She may have been the first person to put her mouth on me, and Man 1 may have been the first to put his penis inside me, and Man 2 may have been the first to truly love me while having sex with me, but none of those things wholly gave one of them my virginity.

It’s a liberating and honest look on virginity that I hope can be more widespread in future generations. Making decisions based on my parents, or even my peers’, ideas on virginity was sort of short-term damaging when I was young.

Pawlenty Hearts Lady Gaga? by Lez Get Real. Watching this sort of premature republican scuffle for the GOP presidential nomination has been so funny to me. Also upsetting at times because nobody (except Ron Paul, whose … well, a loon) has really been like “um hello we’re the minimize government party so why are we going after gay marriage?”

It’s what makes Tim Pawlenty’s love of Lady Gaga so non genuine. She represents everything these people condemn us for being, while still being traditional and religious, and using one to be the other, without it seeming like an oxymoron. I don’t know, maybe I just find the logic kind of silly. “You have to be willing to tolerate different politics … DOWN WITH THE DEMOCRATS!”

Vatican Upset that LGBT Rights Are Human Rights by Lez Get Real. Side note, of all people, it was my mom who turned me on to LGR. Go Mom!

“The Vatican is throwing a fit over the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity as part of human rights saying that it is part of an agenda that could restrict the Church’s freedom.” Think that quote just about sums it up.

What if You Had to Ask Your Husband’s Permission for a Credit Card? by Jezebel. Yeah, I know, Jezebel has this reputation for being gossipy and having ridiculous headlines, but this article’s actually pretty interesting.

The short version, is a federal regulation that will prevent college students from going upside down in debt from getting credit cards will now apply to basically all. It’s the way it used to be, but it’s also dangerous on a person to person basis, when it undermines the integrity of a stay-at-home parent, or keeps an abused spouse stuck. It also confuses me as somebody who has never had a credit card … aren’t they supposed to be for times when you have no money? Don’t you spend years making good on loans and such so you can have a high credit score and thus get a good card? Interesting read if only for the debate.

Goodbye, Mancession. Hello, He-Covery. by Jezebel. Despite the fact that women are outnumbering men as college graduates, men are more likely to be hired to what little jobs there are. Go gender equality!

“Inherent Female Submission”: The Wrong Question by Clarisse Thorn. The way Thorn writes her blog is the way I wanted to write this blog, but don’t really have the life experience to yet. She writes essentially essays, pulling mostly from her personal experience but also a knowledge that has come from being an advocate. I pull up her blog every once in a while (probably will more often now) and find it really interesting. I loved this article, I really wanted to have something to say about it, but she was so spot on, I just had to leave it be.

Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks Yes, I am sharing a song with you guys. It’s an awesome song. Happy sounding, upbeat, but really about teens killers. The song presents this awesome visual in my mind that I hope to get out as a photo shoot. Someday. When all my photographer friends stop sucking. I should really just get a tripod and start doing self-portraits.

Okay y’all, I hope you have a happy Sunday!


~ by Stefani Vonne on 07/10/2011.

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