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I’m writing this on a Saturday before noon. I’m hoping no major news story happens in the next 24 hours like “AIDS CELL LOOKS LIKE JESUS” or something because I’m so not here tomorrow. I’m actually excited folks: I’m going to be starting on a collaborative art project with some friends, and I’ve been deemed the experienced boss type. We’re totally doing this for fun, but it makes me feel like a legit artist anyway. Starting to find I get more work pleasure from the work days I do without pay than from my actual well-paying job. Ok, whatever, you guys are here for links, not my ranting.

Woman Fired for Refusing to Dye Gray Hair by Jezebel. Since I am 21, I have friends already freaking out over the occasional gray hair. I don’t get it. Gray hair is gorgeous! I have promised my friends, when I get my first gray hair, I’m going to just balls to the wall commit and dye all my hair gray. Then, my hair will, more likely than not, grow in my legit natural color and I can go back to being a dye freak. I know between my friends, my parents, and my sister that it can take years to go totally gray. To me, it’s just another color, and it happens to be a freaking gorgeous one.

As I myself I get older, I fail to understand what we have against aging, especially in women. Yeah, I understand that aging = death, but for some people, getting in the car = death, but we don’t hate cars. Often drinking = death, but it’s legal, same with cigarettes. Life happens, death happens. Women get old, often in a graceful and gorgeous manner. Men get old too, but we consider it as a society refined or cultured.

I didn’t get how ridiculous it was until I saw Green Lantern. It was a great movie, but one thing stuck out so intensely for me. The mains were supposed to be in their mid thirties. So the actors were Ryan Reynolds (makes sense), Peter Sarsgaard (great actor, but now in his forties), and … Blake Lively? Blake Lively is only like two years older than me! They had to add make up to her to make her SEVEN TO TWELVE YEARS OLDER. What, is Jessica Alba too old now? Wouldn’t want to interfere with Alexis Bledel’s AARP? And don’t get me started on that ancient Summer Glau. (And these are just the women who are exactly 30)

How Violent Sex Helped Ease My PTSD by Mac McClelland. Deciding to work in sex education, my mind has been expanded about a lot of things relating to sex. This is an excellent example of what I find to be one of the more fascinating aspects: sex can absolutely be used as therapy, as mental healing. It’s a long read, but I absolutely think it’s fascinating and worth it. I don’t have links for her work today, but if you want to know more about this approach to sex, you should look into the work of Dossie Easton.

Gonorrhea Superbug by Meghan Neal of The Huffington Post. I never know what is and isn’t common knowledge, and I actually knew this for awhile before I found this article, so I think it’s absolutely important to share. There is now a strain of the VD that is resistant to antibiotics. This is a DIRECT result of people foolishly using antibiotics. People, when a doctor gives you antibiotics, TAKE THEM ALL. And when you have something your doctor doesn’t want to give you antibiotics for, DON’T ASK FOR THEM. And when you have casual sex, WEAR A CONDOM. Even if he looks like a sexy Superman, or she like Supergirl, s/he may have the unsexy Superdrip.

Sex-Negative Education and the Spectre of Rape by Amory of Sex Positive Activism. Even when I was a kid, I hated that sex ed was being taught the way it was under the Bush administration – it wasn’t. It was like all these people happily forgot what it was like when they were fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. Brief reminder: it’s awkward, it sucks, you’re easily pressured into things because of it, you don’t communicate well, and you have a gender-specific version of a boner basically THE WHOLE TIME. So yeah, put yourself back into that mind frame, and imagine being told “if somebody sees you naked and even considers having sex with you you’ll get antibiotic resistant pregnant AIDS and die.” Then imagine having condom-free cum-inside sex and being like “hey, none of that happened. What liars!”

That was already the sort of point of view I had, and have had the whole time. Having independent studied my way through high school, I didn’t experience that sort of education myself or it’s impact on my sexuality, so it took this article for me to go “oh yeah, slut shaming doesn’t only negatively impact sluts.”

Sister Wives Are Your New Civil Rights Heroes by Jezebel. I learned like a month or two ago that Bigamy is a crime in the United States. I was pretty infuriated until I learned that it’s less we’re-against-polygamists and more you-have-to-commit-major-fraud-to-be-married-multiple-times, then I dropped it.

Well, apparently that’s not true. In some states anyway, like – ironically enough – Utah. In Utah, if you are married to one woman, but live and have children with four, that’s a crime. You can be arrested. Look, I personally could not engage in a polygamous marriage. I could also not engage in full dicking anal sex or being in a head-to-toe latex suit (I’m allergic) or lots of things that other people do with their personal sex lives. But it doesn’t mean it should be a crime! If it’s consensual, if it’s non violent, it’s not our business! So I’m glad to see this family using their fame to further butt the government out of bedrooms.

Nearly Witches by Panic at the Disco. Yeah, I’ve decided I’m gonna keep trying to make you guys listen to the music I do.

Tara Lynn Foxx’s blog. I was totally focused on working today and then she started following me on twitter and my head exploded. It happens sometimes.


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