Links Out … Monday!

I missed two Sundays in a row. I am a terrible blog mistress, but I have good reasons.

Last week, I was sick as shit. I still don’t know what the fuck was wrong with me, though I know the combination of symptoms I had: sore throat covered in white sores, super stuffy nose, the type of fever that made me break a sweat at the contemplation of doing anything physical, and skin so sensitive my nose scabbed for the first (and I hope only) time in my life from blowing it. I was so sick I wasn’t horny. Guys, when I had mono I was still horny. Granted, I was sixteen, I could have lost a foot with no numbing agent and still been horny, but you should understand my point.

As for yesterday, it was simply poor planning on my part. I knew my friend was having a sleepover birthday party Saturday night, and that her birthday was Sunday, but I still thought I’d be home for some part of Sunday. Instead we drove all around Sac doing random shit, including making a trip to a sex shop so I could buy her a dildo for her birthday. Somehow, “dildo” became “book”. It’s kind of nice to not be the only sex geek in my friends group, but as I said, I now can’t wait a couple weeks and then offer to use her book on her. But now I’m inspired for an article I’m going to put up hopefully this week. And now have an excuse to wait a couple weeks and then offer my strap on virginity to her. All’s well in the end.

Ok, let’s get into the links!

Start From a Position of Strength by Clarisse Thorn. I just love this woman’s view on sex as a psychological tool. I believe that sex is capable of being more powerful than something fun to do with another person, even though I’ve never experienced it personally, and I love others’ experiences with that. I think it’s amazing that sex has a power to repair and strengthen people’s psyches, because it’s such a new viewpoint for me. In this article specifically, Thorn writes about approaching sex as “starting from a position of strength, and working to end at a position of strength.” This means, which is an especially important distinction for BDSM, that you feel strong when you enter the situation (ie confident) and that you should feel just as if not stronger when you exit (common for BDSM, surviving emotional/physical tearing down).  Just like when I posted a Thorn article before, I loved what she had to say but wasn’t so sure I had something to add, so why not share it?

Looking for Excuses in the DSK Rape Case by Jezebel. Watching this case unfold has infuriated me. There are just weird attitudes around it, like “oh, he has a wife, he can’t be a rapist!” or “oh, she knows convicts, she must have wanted it!” or, “it was violent and unwanted sex, but that doesn’t mean it was rape!” or, “she’s too convincing, she must be lying!” etc, etc, etc.

The We-Vibe II: It’s for Him! It’s for Her! Well it’s Mainly for Her! by Fleshbot. This is a toy I’ve been curious about, and this article aids my curiosity. I stick true to a Scorpio stereotype I once read somewhere: the type of person to have a stash of emergency sex toys in their car.

Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn. It’s one of those songs that just so totally terrible you have to like it. If you’re me.


~ by Stefani Vonne on 08/01/2011.

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