Links Out Sunday!

Welcome again, to another week of Links Out Sunday! I’m going to use this time to demand a comment, should you happen to be reading: what would you like to see out of this blog? I’ve been a bit slow around here the last couple weeks, even though this blog is always on my mind, and I figured that I could use some reader help to get the writer juices flowing.

I’m planning a couple updates to this blog for this week, including a crazy sexual experience I was DEMANDED to write about, and my totally-not-sexual-but-still-scary trip to San Francisco. On the other hand, I’ve been a little unsure lately what to write about here, especially since two pieces I wrote and loved I don’t have permission to post just yet.

I think my topic list will broaden in my near future, since I’m taking a sociology-eriffic semester this fall and will be surrounded by The Gays again, but that’s at least three weeks, and I really feel like I should be posting more than these once a week links out.

Should I make a weekly occurrence of discussing crazy personal sexual experiences?

I considered a Porn Star Crush of the Week regular, should I do it?

Is there maybe a legal case relating to polygamy or human rights or sex rights that I should follow?

Come on, reader, be my muse! Especially a certain somebody who I know is reading this on his phone through his e-mail … hem, hem.

The 5 Most Depraved Sex Scenes from Important Cultural Myths by Jim Yew of Cracked. My favorite quote to paraphrase is, “I love the bible … more sex, violence, and crazy than an afternoon soap.” And Cracked, in my mind, never gets enough credit for being freaking awesome. So, awesome article, read, learn!

New Law to Clear Prostitution Convictions for Human Trafficking Victims by Erin Gloria Ryan of Jezebel. Maybe my standards for fellow humans are too high, but I’m kind of mad that they were charged in the first place. VICTIMS, HELLO? Wouldn’t it be like prosecuting Elizabeth Smart for being a sister wife, and then being like “well we’re going to retroactively clear her record, so we’re okay!” Also, I’m learning that Ryan writes nearly every article I love on Jezebel.

Ok, this rant is a little narrow sighted and ignores the psychological damage of pimps who kidnap girls, and boys, who end up in human trafficking. Can we just agree to legalize prostitution?

Lily LaBeau: Our Favorite Scenes On Demand! by Ottimo Massimo of Fleshbot. LaBeau is fucking gorgeous. I’m posting this because I want every porn mentioned on that list. Except maybe Party of Feet.

Sandy Rios is a Fucking Cunt. “The White House is going to cover birth control, breast pumps, abuse counseling, what next, manicures and pedicures? I think that’d be a great idea.” Totally, because abuse counseling is a rare treat in life we like to have after a particularly difficult work week. Makes us feel girly, downright sexy. Help me in starting the hashtag #sandyriosisacunt on twitter. Why? Because in my opinion, this is a fucking ridiculous quote and just because it came from a Fox News Contributor doesn’t mean it should be ignored. If the non watchers aren’t commenting on it because they ignore the medium, and the watchers aren’t commenting on it either, that means there is a whole tv station following full of people who think that abuse is NOTHING.

To respond to a friend of mine, and I’m sure others who don’t get my attitude: he said, “when I saw it not get any notice, I figured it was like people were laughing it off and leaving it be. Like, when you have a severely autistic child, and they smear their own shit on the walls, and everybody around them goes ‘oh, muffins.'” Yeah, it’s true, when you have a child that can’t learn like that, you pretty much have to let it happen, and I’m sure learn to find humor in it. But not only do you have to clean the shit off the walls, but you also have to explain to the other children who saw it happen that they can’t up and start smearing shit on the walls.

Young Pilgrims originally by The Shins, covered by Kelsey Bryant. I’ve loved this girl’s voice for years, and it sort of amazes me that she doesn’t have a larger following. So yeah, check some of her covers out … or her originals for that matter.


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One Response to “Links Out Sunday!”

  1. I like your early stuff where you’d post long stories about your experiences in life and how you handle them. Not to big on the link dump though. Since I am on my phone all the time lol

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