Links Out Sunday

Let’s just dive right in today, yes? I lack feedback about … anything, really.

Nobody’s Buying This “Men Wearing Pregnancy Suits” Idea by Whitney Jefferson of Jezebel. Maybe it’d be more feminist appropriate of me to post and write on Gloria Steinem’s interviews with Stephen Colbert and Comic-Con, because 1) they’re awesome and 2) it’s freakin’ Gloria Steinem, but I’m posting this quote and story summary instead. I’ve never seen anything so amazing at hitting the nail on the head.

Tim Pawlenty is, Unsurprisingly, A Moron by Bridgette P. LaVictoire of Lez Get Real. Ok, the actually headline is “Feels LGBT Americans are Second Class Citizens” but come on, can we just say these are the same thing already? I mean, if the argument is always “you’re presenting me facts, but I don’t like them, so I’m going to swing around a book of fairy tales and say we should politely disagree” what ISN’T moronic about that? Had #sandyriosisacunt been more of a success, I’d try to follow up with #timpawlentyisamoron. Can I just be frank and put #republicanextremistssuck?

5 Things That Totally Unrelated to Hot, Hot Lesbian Sex by Gladstone of Cracked. This is a good time to mention that I totally didn’t go on a date with a girl this weekend. We didn’t have a good time, it wasn’t awesome, and I’m beyond able to get her out of my head.

Barefoot Gen, English Dub on youtube originally created by Keija Nakazawa. I would normally not post something like this. I’m not much of a movie watcher, this movie has nothing to do with my blog, and I’m not even linking to where it can be bought. See, I read about this movie when I was a young teenager, and knew I had to see it. But it’s difficult to find, especially the english dub, and I had given up on seeing it until a friend posted it on his facebook (which is surprising when I found just how common this story is in Japan, between the manga, the movie, the live action remakes, the musicals, etc etc).

All that being said, this movie is amazing. I don’t want to say too much about the plot, except that it’s autobiographical to Keija surviving the Hiroshima bombing at six years old. It’s haunting. It’s the most successful anti-war piece I’ve seen ever, mainly because it’s a child’s account of being an innocent victim of it all.It will most likely make you sick, make you cry, make you angry at how fucked the world can be – but you have to watch it. Period. It’s also a rare time wherein the melodrama of japanese animation works, because well it’s fucking Hiroshima.

I’m going to attempt to watch the documentary White Light/Black Rain and not cry too much.

My Tumblr. Gonna try to keep my non-sex/porn/gender/feminist/equality/gay/queer/etc-related writings here. Here you’ll get more of a sense of what’s on my mind and in my life.


~ by Stefani Vonne on 08/14/2011.

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