Blog in Review 2011: The First Entry

An Intro to My Pornographic Beliefs


Reading this now, two days to a year later, is fascinating for me. I had these beliefs, some of which are pretty unchanged; but I felt so alone in them. I know now that I live in a relatively conservative and sex-negative chunk of California, and I naively thought that this reflected the world. I was stubborn in my belief that certain areas didn’t as a whole have certain beliefs, that sociopolitical slantings didn’t change from city to city. I felt like Sacramento reflected the rest of the world.

What the fuck sort of Anthropology student was I? A young one, I suppose.

I also find almost amusement in the fact that I was so focused on talking about pornography. I had no idea that it was one point that would lead me into such a bigger picture.

My only true complaint in reading this is my stance on sex workers. It was a glorified presentation of my true beliefs. Because I felt alone in my beliefs, felt like I was the only non sex worker arguing for the right for people to be sex workers, I felt like I had to be an extreme in order to make a point. I know now that I presented my opinion as naive and short-sighted. I am completely aware of the fact that sex work can be an incredibly abusive and soul-crushing environment. I know that if people enter sex work, namely prostitution, for monetary circumstances that we’re not talking taking a flipping burgers job at a McDonalds we’re talking about some severe monetary circumstances. And I’m also aware that johns can be horrible people to prostitutes, because they feel they deserve that sort of treatment. I think the point I tried to make, albeit lazily, is that it’s possible to fix those scary circumstances. It’s not overnight, and it would be in part about changing culture as a whole, and it would be unbelievable amounts of work; but think of the lives saved.


~ by Stefani Vonne on 01/03/2012.

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