Blog in Review 2011: Spot on, Old Me

Solutions to Porn’s Problems, Part Two


I still argue almost all of these points today. I’ll tl;dr it:

– It’s hypocritical to argue for women’s rights and their abilities to make choices for themselves when if they’re making choices you wouldn’t (anywhere from housewife to prostitute) you start “rationalizing” it with your opinions on their fucked psychology.

– Especially when if men make those same decisions, you “rationalize” it with “boys will be boys”.

– There’s lots of jobs I wouldn’t work in, you don’t see me fighting to outlaw them.

– Did you know that chimpanzees engage in prostitution? Pretty nifty.

– Obscenity laws are fuckin’ vague, yo. And if you’re bored read up on Miller vs California. I forgot that was my favorite lawsuit, until gay marriage is legalized by the supreme court.

– More porn needs to discuss consent and limits with the actors, as if it were a “legitimate” sex act (I think it’s totally a legitimate sex act, but I just mean I’m not often paid to fuck).

– Finally: why is it that when sex is involved we look to criminalize it instead of make it safer, like we did at the start of the industrial era?


~ by Stefani Vonne on 01/07/2012.

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