Blog in Review 2011: It Gets Better

It Gets Better


This was a speech I gave at Sacramento City College. It was a moment that taught me how much I love public speaking. Even though it’s something I’ve only had a taste of this once, I miss it quite a bit. If I ever got a chance to speak again on this or any of my other life experiences, I’d be on it in a heartbeat. The only other time I’ve felt that kind of inherent ease is when I recorded my friends and I drunkenly talking current events, and I’m looking at potentially making that into a live internet talk show. It’s fun and awesome, yes.

Also, I am relieved on so many levels that I don’t go to my old college anymore. If you’re a Sac kid and you’re reading this … never go to American River College. Overhyped.


~ by Stefani Vonne on 01/08/2012.

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