Blog in Review 2011: Sweet Naked Castro

SF Pride, Part One: So Much Nudity!

I found these posts in my history and freaked. Oh my God! I forgot about Pride!

Well, okay. Obviously I remember going and experiencing it, it’s not like I just completely blacked out going to the Queen of all Prides. But you know how it is when you go on a trip? You spend your first few days (to first weeks, depending on how long you were gone) giving your friends and loved ones all the juicy details, all the stories and craziness, but then they’ve heard it all.

In the following months, my recollection of Pride to people has been “Cody, I am still SO MAD I didn’t get to fuck Kay’s friend.” And him saying, “I know babe, I know.”


But I forgot how much that night defined me. In fact, I’m finding (especially with the part I’m posting tomorrow) that I don’t let it define me enough.


~ by Stefani Vonne on 01/10/2012.

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