About the Author

Stefani Vonne is a twenty one year old female feminist living somewhere on the west coast. She is an anthropology major wishing to get into a California state school with many interests including art, music, writing, activism, and sex & pornography.

She updates The Porno Revolution at least once a week, on Sundays, with a list of various interesting news on blog articles. She also updates throughout the week with writings on women’s rights, pornography, sex, and more; with the occasional discussion of her personal life and experiences.

Vonne proclaims herself a democratic moderate. What she considers the extremes are things cannot be fixed versus bad things must be eliminated. Studying anthropology has taught her that all things exist in a culture with a function, so they cannot be eliminated; but if they are not working in their function as well as they used to (which happens when a culture changes and evolves) they need to be tweaked accordingly.

Vonne considers herself a feminist despite a life-long difficulty in connecting with the term; what feminism is synonymous with and what feminism means to Vonne are often two different things. She believes women should be equal to men although not made superior. She believes people should be protected and supported by the community in whatever they choose to do so long as it’s not deadly or harmful.

Vonne believes that, at its core, pornography does not have to be a burden on society.


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